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Ashley Hudson
 Mon 4th April 2016


I just want to express my sincere thanks to Dave, Mark and the boys at Strath Auto Electrics for helping us out recently, We were travelling through from Victoria on our way to Kangaroo Island when our nissan patrol had an issue with the air conditioner resulting in a near break down of the car. As we had made bookings with accomodation and ferries etc this was going to completely disrupt our trip, much to the kids disappointment ! Not to mention that we were only one week into our long awaited 6 month trip around Australia.

I called Strath Auto Electrical after quick google search of Auto Elecs in the K.I. area and was immediately surprised and impressed. Dave took a good 15 minutes out of his busy Day to explain the situation to me and offered solutions to get us back on track. He even suggested the name of another company closer to us to try to and speed up our repair time ! I`me so glad that we made it into Strathalbyn because the guys did a terrific job, the correct parts arrived on time and the repair was done very quickly and professionally. I was so impressed by Mark`s friendly service and his willingness to help us get back on the road.

Thankyou so much guys, you turned a potential disaster into an eye opening experience and showed that excellent customer service is not lost in this world !

yours sincerely

Ashley Hudson and Family

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